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Sain Featured Employer

LIGHTING UPGRADES: A Guide for Facility Managers, 2nd edition (E-BOOK)

Price: $46.00

Available for download after purchase.


Green Lights lighting specialist Damon Wood takes you step by step through upgrading a lighting system, in either a retrofit or a complete redesign scenario, for the purpose of increasing both energy efficiency and productivity. Extremely well-organized and comprehensive in scope, this fully illustrated desk reference provides a virtual "crash course" on all aspects of lighting in the workplace. Going beyond the fundamental principles of quality lighting, the author also fully addresses light's impact on conservation, productivity and occupant safety. Topics examined in detail include lighting quality, upgrade strategies, lighting applications, current technologies, lighting economics, effective maintenance, lighting project implementation, and strategies for assessing energy and cost saving opportunities.

ISBN: 0-88173-329-6
6 x 9, 365 pp., Illus., Hardcover


1 - The Elements of Lighting Quality
Overview • Methods for Improving Lighting Quality

2 - Maximizing Lighting Efficiency
Lighting Efficiency Metrics • Maximizing Energy Efficiency

3 - Full-Size Fluorescent Equipment
Lamps • Ballasts • Luminaires

4 - Full-Size Fluorescent Upgrade Options
T8 Lamp/Ballast Upgrades • T5 Twin-Tube Lamp/Ballast Upgrades • T10 Lamp Upgrades • T12 Lamp Upgrades • Hybrid Magnetic Ballasts • Full-Output Electronic Ballasts • Partial-Output Electronic Ballasts • Dimmable Electronic Ballasts • Light-Level Switching Electronic Ballasts • Retrofit Reflectors with Delamping Options • Lens/Louver Upgrades • Replace with New Deep-Cell Parabolic Luminaires • Replace with New Fluorescent Uplighting Luminaires • Task Lighting with Reduced Ambient Lighting

5 - Compact Lighting Equipment
Incandescent Sources • Compact Fluorescent • Compact HID • Performance Checklist • Applications of Compact Sources

6 - Compact Lighting Upgrade Options
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Upgrades • Compact Halogen • Krypton Incandescent • Elliptical Reflector • Electrodeless Downlight Lamps • Hardwire Compact Fluorescent Downlight Retrofits • Replace with New Compact Fluorescent Luminaires • Replace with Compact HID Luminaires

7 - High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Equipment
HID Lighting Systems • Mercury Vapor Lamps • Metal Halide Lamps • High-Pressure Sodium • Low-Pressure Sodium • HID Ballasts • Performance Checklist for HID Systems • Types of HID Luminaires

8 - High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Upgrade Options
Energy-Saver HID Lamps • Retrofit HID Lamps • Instant-Restrike HPS Lamps • High Performance Metal Halide Systems • Retrofit HID Reflectors • Conversion to New HID System • High-Bay Compact Fluorescent Luminaires

9 - Exit Sign Equipment
Types of Exit Sign Light Sources • Types of Exit Sign Luminaires • Regulations • Types of Exit Sign Power Supplies • Performance Checklist for Exit Signs

10 - Exit Sign Upgrade Options
Upgrades • New Exit Signs

11 - Switching Controls
Overview of Automatic Switching Strategies • Occupancy Sensors • Timer Switches • Electronic Time Clocks • Centralized Lighting Control Systems • Daylight Switching Systems

12 - Dimming Controls
Overview of Dimming Strategies • Daylight Dimming • Lumen Maintenance Controls • Manual Dimming (Tuning) • Fluorescent Power Reducers • HID Power Reducers • Panel-Level HID Dimming • Capacitative-Switching HID Systems • Electronic Dimming HID Ballasts

13 - Upgrades to Modify Light Levels
Modifying Light Levels • Increasing Light Output in Underlighted Spaces

14 - Lighting the Office Environment
Office Lighting Upgrade Goals • Recommended Light Levels • Ambient Lighting Systems • Task Lighting Systems • Lighting Control Strategies

15 - Lighting the Retail Environment
Retail Lighting Upgrade Goals • Recommended Light Levels • High-Activity Retail Lighting Upgrades • Medium-Activity Retail Lighting Upgrades • Low-Activity Retail Lighting Upgrades • Lighting Control Strategies

16 - Lighting the Industrial Environment
Industrial Lighting Upgrade Goals • Recommended Light Levels • Options for Lighting System Layout • Industrial Luminaire Selection Factors • Light Source Selection Factors • Industrial Lighting Upgrade Strategies

17 - Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting Upgrade Goals • Recommended Light Levels & Uniformity Ratios • Light Source Selection Factors • Outdoor Luminaires • Outdoor Lighting Applications • Lighting Control Strategies

18 - Assessing Lighting Upgrade Planning & Evaluation
Prioritizing Facility Upgrades • Conducting the Lighting Survey • Calculating Lighting Impacts • Calculating Energy Cost Savings • Calculating Maintenance Cost Savings • Performing the Financial Analysis • Measuring Performance in Trial Installations • Evaluating Occupant Acceptance

19 - Project Implementation
Resources • Evaluating Financing Options • Convincing Landlords & Tenants • Negotiating Purchasing Agreements • Managing the Project • Commissioning the New System

20 - Lighting Maintenance
Increasing Efficiency Through Improved Maintenance • Saving Money Through Improved Maintenance • Maintenance Planning • Lighting Waste Disposal

21 - Information Resources

Appendix I - Bibliography of Sources
Appendix II - Product & Technical Information
Appendix III - Glossary of Terms

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