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With the widespread availability of high-speed, high capacity microprocessors and microcomputers with high-speed communication ability, and sophisticated energy analytics software, the technology to support deployment of automated diagnostics is now available, and the opportunity to apply automated fault detection and diagnostics to every system and piece of equipment in a facility, as well as for whole buildings, is imminent. The purpose of this book is to share information with a broad audience on the state of automated fault detection and diagnostics for buildings applications, the benefits of those applications, emerging diagnostic technology, examples of field deployments, the relationship to codes and standards, automated diagnostic tools presently available, guidance on how to use automated diagnostics, and related issues.

  File type: Downloadable PDF file (Note: Print book not included. To purchase print copy of this book click here


SECTION I: The Case for Automated Tools for Facility Management & Operations
1 - Introduction
2 - Energy-Smart Buildings
3 - Perspective on Building Analytics Adoption
4 - Delivering Successful Results from Automated Diagnostics Solutions
5 - Intelligent Efficiency: Opportunities, Barriers & Solutions

SECTION II: Current Technology, Tools, Products, Services & Applications
6 - Automated Diagnostics
7 - Enabling Efficient Building Energy Management Through Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics
8 - Practical, Proven Approach to Energy Intelligence, Measurement & Management
9 - Di-BOSS: Research, Development & Deployment of World's First Digital Building Operating System
10 - Analytics, Alarms, Analysis, Fault Detection & Diagnostics
11 - Using Custom Programs to Enhance Building Diagnostics & Energy Savings
12 - 88 Acres: How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future
13 - Improving Airport Energy Efficiency Through Continuous Commissioning: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
14 - ECAM+: A Tool for Analyzing Building Data to Improve & Track Performance
15 - Integrating People & Controls to Create a Unique Energy Management Program: Caltech Case Study
16 - Value Proposition of FDD Solutions
17 - FDD: How High Are the Market Barriers to Entry?
18 - Diagnostics for Monitoring-Based Commissioning

SECTION III: Methodology & Future Technology
19 - Model-based Real-time Whole Building Energy Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics
20 - Advanced Methods for Whole Building Energy Analysis
21 - Identification of Efficiency Opportunities Through Data Analysis & Achieving Savings Through Improved Controls
22 - High Resolution Data Collection for Automated Fault Diagnostics
23 - Localized Uncertainty Quantification for Baseline Building Energy Modeling
24 - Pushing the Envelope Building Analytics Beyond HVAC
25 - Data to Information for Intelligent Buildings
26 - The 12 Things You Need to Know About Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)
27 - The Building of the Future
28 - Application of Automated Price & Demand Response for Large Customers in New York
29 - Understanding Microgrids as teh Essential Architecture of Smart Energy
30 - Power Monitoring Solutions Through Contextual Data

SECTION IV: Current Technology, Tools, Products, Services & Applications
31 - Battling Entropy in Rooftop HVAC Systems with Advanced Fault Detection & Diagnostics
32 - Clockworks™ Automated HVAC Diagnostics & the Evolution of AFDD Tools
33 - Automated Diagnostics: To Pick the Low Hanging Fruits in Energy Efficiency in AC & Heat Pump Systems
34 - Implementing Advanced Diagnostics in Fleets of Commercial HVAC Equipment
35 - Energy Savings Benefits of FDD Systems for Light Commercial Unitary HVAC Equipment

SECTION V: AFDD for HVAC Systems & Equipment: Methodology & Future Technology
36 - Fault Detection & Diagnostics for HVAC&R Equipment
37 - Automatically Detecting Faulty Regulation in HVAC Controls
39 - Methodology for Evaluating FDD Protocols Applied to Unitary Systems
40 - Self-Correcting HVAC Controls
41 - A Framework to Apply Structural Pattern Recognition Technique
42 - Fault Detection & Diagnostics for Rooftop Units
43 - Building Automation System Embedded HVAC System Energy Performance Degradation Detector
44 - Predictive Maintenance
45 - What's Going On in the Trenches with Smart Buildings: What Does the Future Hold & When Does It Arrive?
46 - Automated Diagnostics & Analytics for Wastewater Treatment Plants & Water Distribution Facilities

SECTION VI: Conclusion & Author Bios


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