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This book was written to assist the reader in making good lighting and lighting controls decisions which consider all of the most important and relevant new developments in lighting technology. It is designed to serve as a useful and practical hands-on resource for anyone involved with the engineering, maintenance, purchasing, specification, retrofit, remodeling, or new construction aspects of interior or exterior lighting applications. The written presentation seeks to offer very practical approaches for maintaining, as well as for updating existing lighting systems, providing expert guidance on how to plan for the future in terms of achieving optimum long-term lighting solutions. Among key topics covered are LED lighting developments and applications, comparisons of LED with other types of light sources, maintenance costs, achieving low power density, the pros and cons of LED T8s, and human centric lighting.

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1 - Ready, Set, Go
2 - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
3 - Lighting 101
4 - Maintenance
5 - Dimming Fluorescent Ballasts
6 - Spectrally Enhanced Lighting
7 - Delamp vs. Lam-for-Lamp Retrofit
8 - Induction
9 - Electroniclaly Ballasted CMH
10 - Important Stuff to Know about LEDs
11 - Store Cooler Lights
12 - Decorative Lights
13 - Omnidirectional Lights
14 - Accent Lights
15 - Recessed Cans
16 - LED T8s
17 - Hardwired LED Troffer Kits and LED Troffers
18 - Task Ambient Lighting
19 - Hibays
20 - Garage Lighting
21 - Exterior Lighting
22 - Controls
23 - Retrofit
24 - Financial Tools
25 - Rebates
26 - Follow the Money
27 - Alphabet Soup
28 - Big Brother Lighting
29 - Human Centric Lighting
Appendices, Index

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