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Completely revised throughout, this book serves as a "how to" manual for using energy and environmental efficiency as a means to be more economical and profitable. This major update reflects the latest technology advancements and the many changes and developments that have taken place in the utility and environmental regulation areas. While these will always be subject to change, fuel and utility rates have been updated throughout to reflect current rates. The utility section was also updated to reflect the current state of deregulation, market pricing, and to include a discussion of smart grid and other emerging programs. The environmental sections were revised to reflect the current emphasis on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon management, updates to CAAA regulations and timelines, and the latest developments in the use and control of refrigerants. In the technology sections, new or modified technologies were included, and equipment and system efficiency and performance were updated to reflect the latest developments. In addition to updates to the chapter on renewable and alternative power technologies, discussion was included about market penetration of various technologies. Well organized for easy reference, the book's key topics include optimization of heat and power resources, thermal technologies, prime mover technologies, environmental considerations, utility rates and integrated resource planning, localized electric generation, mechanical drive services, refrigeration and air conditioning, and integrated approach to facility resource optimization. The text is supplemented with numerous graphics and reference charts and tables.

    File type: Downloadable PDF file (Note: Print book not included. To purchase print copy of this book click here


Section I: Optimizing Heat and Power Resources
1 – Heat and Power Resources Overview
2 – Expressing Power Cycle Performance
3 – Localized vs. Central Station Power Generation
4 – Selection of Power Generation Systems

Section II: Thermal Technologies
5 – Heating Value and Combustion of Fuel
6 – Properties and Value of Steam
7 – Boilers
8 – Heat Recovery

Section III: Prime Mover Technologies
9 – Reciprocating Engines
10 – Combustion Gas Turbines
11 – Steam Turbines
12 – Combined and Steam Injection Cycles
13 – Controlling Prime Movers
14 – Renewable and Alternative Power Technologies


Section IV: Environmental Considerations
15 – Air Pollution Regulatory Programs
16 – Air Permitting Process
17 – Emissions Control Measures
18 – Refrigerants and the CFC Issue

Section V: Utility Industry and Energy Rates
19 – Natural Gas Industry Overview
20 – Electric Industry Overview
21 – Utility Rate Structures
22 – Utility Bill Analysis


Section VI: Localized Electric Generation
23 – Localized Electric Generation Applications Overview
24 – Electricity
25 – Electric Generators
26 – Generator Driver Applications and Selection
27 – Electric Generator Switchgear and Controls
28 – Interconnecting Electric Generators

Section VII: Mechanical Drive Services
29 – Mechanical Drive Applications Overview
30 – Air Compressors
31 – Pumps
32 – Fans

Section VIII: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
33 – Refrigeration Cycles and Performance Ratings
34 – Psychrometrics
35 – Heat Extraction-Evaporators, Chilled Water, Economizer and Thermal Storage
36 – Heat Rejection-Condensers, Cooling Towers, Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery
37 – Vapor Compression-Cycle Systems
38 – Absorption Cooling Systems
39 – Desiccant Dehumidification Technologies


Section IX: Integrated Approach to Energy Resource Optimization Projects
40 – Integrated Approach Overview
41 – Technical Analysis
42 – Evaluating Project Financial Potential
43 – Project Contracting and Financing Options
44 – Program Implementation and Operation

Appendix: Conversion Tables

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