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The goal of this book is to bring to the forefront the huge benefits to energy and facility managers of the emergence and continuing development of technologies and applications in the area of energy information and control systems. This wave of information technology (IT) and web-based energy information and control systems (web based EIS/ECS) continues to roll on with increasing speed and intensity. This handbook provides both a presentation of technological advancements in this field over the last several years, as well as a compilation of what the editors believe to be the best of the information from three previous books addressing this area. The combined thrust of this information is that the highest level functions of the building and facility automation system are delivered by a web based EIS/ECS system that provides energy management, facility management, overall facility operational management, and ties in with the enterprise resource management system for the entire facility or the group of


I: Introduction to Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems
1 – Introduction to the Handbook of Energy Information and Control Systems (Barney L. Capehart, Timothy Middelkoop)
2 – Evolution of the Enercept™ Meter (Jim Lewis)
3 – Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems for Energy and Facility Management (Barney L. Capehart)

II: The Case for Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems
4 – Defining the Next Generation Enterprise Energy Management System (Bill Gnerre, Gregory Cmar)
5 – The Case for Energy Information (Jim Lewis)
6 – Web Based Building Automation Controls and Energy Information Systems (Paul J. Allen, David C. Green, Steve Tom, Jim Lewis)
7 – Turning Energy Information Into $$$$ (Jim Lewis)
8 – Why Can't a Building Think Like a Car? Information and Control Systems Opportunities in New Buildings (Barney L. Capehart, Lynne C. Capehart)
9 – Web Resources For Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems (Ken Sinclair)

III: Building Information Systems
10 – Building Energy Information Systems: State of the Technology and User Case Studies (Jessica Granderson, Mary Ann Piette, Girish Ghatikar, Phillip Price)

IV: Data Analysis and Analytical Tools
11 – Data Quality Issues and Solutions for Enterprise Energy Management Applications (Greg Thompson, Jeff Yeo, Terrence Tobin)
12 – Using Standard Benchmarks in an Energy Information System (Gerald R. Mimno, Jason Toy)
13 – An Energy Manager's Introduction to Weather Normalization of Utility Bills (John Avina)
14 – Data Analysis and Decision Making: Using Spreadsheets and "Pivot Tables" to Get a Read on Energy Numbers (Partha Raghunathan)
15 – Fundamentals of Database Technology and Database-Driven Web Applications (Fangxing Li)
16 – BCS Integration Technologies: Open Communications Networking (Tom Webster)
17 – ANSI/EIA 709.1, IP, and Web Services: The Keys to Open, Interoperable Building Control Systems (Michael R. Tennefoss, Alex Chervet)
18 – Network Security for EIS and ECS Systems (Joel Weber)

V: Systems Perspective and Enterprise Energy Systems
19 – Building Control Systems & the Enterprise (Toby Considine)
20 – Disney's Approach to Energy Management System Design (Paul J. Allen, Chris Sandberg)
21 – Using Custom Programs to Enhance Building Tune-Up Efforts (Paul Allen, Rich Remke, David Green)
22 – An IT Approach to Optimization and Diagnosing Complex System Interactions (Bill Gnerre, Greg Cmar, Kevin Fuller)
23 – EModel: A New Energy Optimization Modeling Language (Timothy Middelkoop, Herbert Ingley)

VI: Energy Information Systems Development
24 – Developing an Energy Information System: Rapid Requirements Analysis (David C. Green)
25 – Developing an Energy Information System: Custom Design vs. Off-the-Shelf Software (David C. Green)
26 – Developing an Energy Information System: A New Look (David C. Green)
27 – Interoperability of Manufacturing Control and Web Based Facility Management Systems: Trends, Technologies, & Case Studies (John Weber)

VII: Building Commissioning, Maintenance and Modeling
28 – Electric Usage Monitoring Per Socket/Switch: Economical Alternative (Dave Thorn, Paul Greenis)
29 – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS): The Evolution of a Maintenance Management Program (Carla Fair-Wright)
30 – Automated Commissioning for Lower-cost, Widely Deployed Building Commissioning of the Future (Michael R. Brambley, Srinivas Katipamula)

VIII: Energy Information Systems Case Studies
31 – The Utility Report Cards: An Energy Information System for Orange County Public Schools (Paul Allen, David Green, Safvat Kalaghchy, Bill Kivler, Blanche Sheinkopf)
32 – Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology in Demand Responsive Commercial Buildings (David S. Watson, Mary Ann Piette, Osman Sezgen, Naoya Motegi)
33 – Participation through Automation: Fully Automated Critical Peak Pricing in Commercial Buildings (Mary Ann Piette, David Watson, Naoya Motegi, Sila Kiliccote, Eric Linkugel)
34 – Web Based Wireless Controls for Commercial Building Energy Management (Clifford Federspiel)
35 – Wireless Sensor Applications for Building Operation and Management (Michael R. Brambley, Michael Kintner-Meyer, Srinivas Katipamula, Patrick J. O'Neill)

IX: Enterprise Energy System Case Studies
36 – How Disney Saves Energy (Hint: It's Not Magic) (Paul J. Allen)
37 – The Business Value of Enterprise Energy Management at DFW Airport (Rusty T. Hodapp)
38 – Cisco Connected Real Estate (David Clute,Wolfgang Wagener)
39 – Building Automation and Control Systems Case Study: Johnson Controls Headquarters, Glendale Wisconsin (Terry Hoffmann)
40 – Bringing Building Automation Systems Under Control (James Lee)
41 – Ford Compressor Management System Case Study (Bill Allemon, Rick Avery, Sam Prud'homme)


facilities being managed.

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