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This book is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for performing energy audits in commercial facilities. The fully revised new edition has been updated and expanded throughout, including new chapters on water efficiency, and impact of the human and behavioral aspects of energy management, as well as discussion of regression, use of energy consumption signatures as an operational control, and interval data information. Although there are no "typical" commercial buildings, the book begins with the premise that when commercial facilities are subdivided into categories based on business type, many useful patterns can be identified which become generally applicable to the performance of an effective energy audit. Hence, discussion of procedures and guidelines is provided for a wide range of business and building types, such as schools and colleges, restaurants, hospitals and medical facilities, grocery stores, laboratories, lodging, apartment buildings, office buildings, retail, public safety, data centers, religious facilities, laundries, warehouses, and more. All focal areas of the building energy audit and assessment are covered, including building envelope, lighting, HVAC, controls, heat recovery, thermal storage, electrical systems, and utilities.

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ISBN: 0-88173-756-9
6 x 9, Illus., ±700 pp., Hardcover


  1. Benchmarking
  2. Analyzing Energy Use Graphs
  3. Energy Saving Opportunities by Business Type
  4. Manufacturing and Unit Operations
  5. ECM Descriptions
  6. Utility Rate Components
  7. Automatic Control Strategies
  8. Building Operations and Maintenance
  9. Quantifying Savings
  10. Sustaining Savings
  11. Mechanical Systems
  12. Motors and Electrical Information
  13. Combustion Equipment and Systems
  14. Compressed Air
  15. Fan and Pump Drives
  16. Lighting
  17. Envelope Information
  18. Domestic Water Heating
  19. Weather Data
  20. Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
  21. Formulas and Conversions
  22. Water Efficiency
  23. Using Feedback for Energy Management
  24. Special Topics

Appendix, Index

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