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This fully revised and updated edition of this classic best selling reference provides all the information you will need to evaluate and balance the air and water sides of any HVAC system. The new edition includes coverage of pneumatic, electric, electronic, direct digital, and proportional, integral and derivative control systems. Every aspect of testing, adjusting and balancing is addressed, including all types of instruments required, and specific methods to adjust constant volume, single zone, dual duct, induction, and variable air volume systems. Complete details are provided for the full scope of system components, including fans, pumps, motors, drives and electricity, as well as for balancing devices and instrument usage. Also included is information on testing and balancing clean rooms and HVAC system commissioning. 6 x 9, 325 pp., Illus., Hardcover CONTENTS 1 - General Balancing Procedure
2 - Preliminary Air Balancing Procedures
3 - Basic Air Balance Procedures Common to All Systems
4 - Proportionally Balancing Constant Volume Low Pressure Systems
5 - Balancing Constant Volume, Multizone, Dual Duct & Induction Systems
6 - Balancing Variable Air Volume Systems
7 - Setting Outside Air & Changing Fan Speeds
8 - Balancing Return Air & Toilet Exhaust Systems
9 - Fans, Fan Performance Curves & Duct System Curves
10 - Testing & Balancing Fume Hood Systems
11 - Testing & Balancing Clean Rooms
12 - HVAC Commissioning
13 - Basic Water Balance Procedures
14 - Centrifugal Pumps, Pump Performance Curves & Pipe System Curves
15 - Analog & Digital Automatic Controls
16 - Fluid Flow, Psychrometric & Refrigeration Terminology
17 - Air Systems: Distribution, Components & Terminology
18 - Water Systems: Distribution, Components & Terminology
19 - Fan Pump, Drive, Motor & Electrical Terminology
20 - Instruments & Instrument Terminology
Equations, Conversion Tables, Index

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