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Comprehensive in scope, this book, now in its fully updated second edition, was written to fill the need for a truly applications-oriented text on electrical distribution systems. All critical aspects of power production, distribution, control, conversion and measurement are clearly presented. The authors place emphasis on real-world applications, examining electrical distribution and associated system operation from a user's or technician's point of view. The use of an ‘electrical power systems' model facilitates the reader's comprehensive understanding of electrical distribution, utilizing power distribution as a key starting point, and then clearly delineating the relationship to other important associated systems. The final chapter of this new edition has been refocused to emphasize the economics of distribution systems, computer power requirements and current environmental considerations. The book will serve as a valuable desk reference for the working engineer, contractor or technician who needs a thorough application-based guide to finding the best solutions to today's electrical distribution challenges.

6 x 9, 478 pp., Illus., Hardcover


1 – Power System Fundamentals Brief History of Electrical Power Systems • The Systems Concept • Basic System Functions • A simple Electrical System Example • The Electrical Power System • Energy, Work & Power • Electrical Safety

2 – Basics of Electrical Circuits Review of Direct Current (DC) Electrical Circuits • Review of Alternating Current (AC) Circuits • Vectors • Impedance in AC Circuits

3 – Power Relationships in Electrical Circuits Power in DC Electrical Circuits • Power in AC Electrical Circuits • Power Relationships in Three Phase AC Circuits • Power Factor Correction • Capacitors for Power Factor Correction • Balanced Three Phase Loads • Unbalanced Three Phase Loads

4 – Electrical Power Production Systems Supply & Demand • Plant Load & Capacity Factor • Fossil Fuel Systems • Hydroelectric Systems • Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Systems • Nuclear Fission Systems • Location of Power Plants • Electrical Load Requirements • Electrical Load Demand Control • Alternative Power Systems • Single Phase AC Power Systems • Single Phase AC Generators • Three Phase AC Generators • Frequency of AC Power Systems • Voltage Regulation • Efficiency • Direct Current (DC) Power Systems

5 – Power Distribution System Fundamentals Power System Basics • Overview of Electrical Power Distribution • Power Transmission & Distribution • Underground Distribution • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Distribution • Cryogenic Cable • Parallel Operation of Power Systems • Radial, Ring & Network Distribution Systems • Transformers for Distribution Systems • Transformer Efficiency & Losses • Step-Up & Step-Down Transformers • Transformer Voltage & Current Relationships • Multiple-Secondary Transformers • Auto-transformers • Current Transformers • Transformer Polarity & Ratings • Transformer Malfunctions

6 – Conductors & Insulators in Electrical Distribution Systems Conductor Characteristics • Conductor Types • Conduction area • Resistance of Conductors • Conductor Sizes & Types • Ampacity of Conductors • The National Electrical Code • Ampacity Tables • Use of Insulation in Power Distribution Systems

7 – Power Distribution Equipment Equipment Used at Substations • High Voltage Fuses • High Voltage Circuit Breakers • High Voltage Disconnect Switches • Lightning Arresters • High Voltage Insulators & Conductors • Substation Location • Voltage Regulators • Power System Protective Equipment • Motor Fault Current Protection

8 – Electrical Distribution Inside Buildings Raceways • Feeder Lines & Branch Circuits • Switching Equipment • Distribution Panelboards • Low Voltage Switchgear • The Electrical Service Entrance • Service Entrance Terminology • Power Distribution System Components

9 – Single Phase & Three Phase Distribution Systems

Single Phase Systems • Three Phase Systems • Three Phase Transformer Connections • Types of Three Phase Systems • Grounding of Distribution Systems • System Grounding • Equipment Grounding • National Electrical Code Use • Electrical Inspections • Voltage Drop in Electrical Conductors • Voltage Drop Calculations Using Conductor Tables • Alternative Method of Voltage Drop Calculation • Branch Circuit Design Considerations • Voltage Drop in Branch Circuits • Branch Circuit Wiring • Feeder Circuit Design Considerations • Determining Grounding Conductor Size • Parts of Interior Electrical Wiring Systems

10 – Distribution Considerations for Heating Systems

Basic Heating Loads • Electric Welding Loads • Considerations for Electric Welders • SCR Control • Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems • Electric Heating & Cooling Systems • Lighting Systems • Incandescent Lighting • Fluorescent Lighting • Vapor Lighting • Street Lighting • Comparison of Light Sources • Electric Lighting Circuits • Branch Circuit Design • Lighting Fixture Design • Factors in Determining Light Output • Considerations for Electric Lighting Systems • Mechanical Systems • Basic Motor Principles • Direct Current Motors • Single Phase Alternating Current Motors • Three Phase Alternating Current Motors • Electrical Motor Applications • Considerations for Mechanical (Motor) Loads

11 – Control Devices Used with Distribution Systems

Power Control Standards • Symbols & Definitions • Power Control Using Switches • Control Equipment for Electric Motors • Other Electromechanical Power Control Equipment • Electronic Power Control • Basic Control Systems • Motor Starting Systems • Specialized Control Systems • Frequency Conversion Systems • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

12 – Power Measurement Equipment

Measurement Systems • Measuring Electrical Power • Measuring Electrical Energy • Measuring Three Phase Electrical Energy • Measuring Power Factor • Power Demand Meters • Frequency Measurement • Ground Fault Indicators • Megohmmeters • Clamp-On Meters • Telemetering Systems

13 – Distribution System Considerations Economic Considerations • Power Management • Load Economic Considerations • Demand Factor • Load Factor • Diversity Factor • Factors that Affect Electric Bills • Energy Conservation & Environmental Considerations • Overvoltages & Undervoltages • Transients • Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors • Noise • Harmonics • Electromagnetic Radiation • Electromagnetic Interference • Brownouts • Blackouts • Solving Power Quality Problems • Surge Protection • Power Conditioning • Back-Up Power Supplies • Automatic Transfer Switches • Monitoring Power Quality • System Reliability • Specialized Instruments

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