2017 Energy Star Top Cities


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Today EPA unveiled this year’s ENERGY STAR Top Cities list, showing which U.S. metro areas were home to the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings last year. We ranked the Top 25 Cities overall, the Top 10 Mid-Size Cities, and the Top 10 Small Cities.

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  • For the third year in a row, Washington, D.C., held its lead over second-place Los Angeles, which dominated the list for six years after the rankings were first announced.
  • A record 790 buildings were certified in the DC area in 2016.
  • Third-place New York has continued its steady rise in the rankings, starting out in 12th place and now making its first appearance among the top three.
  • San Francisco and Atlanta earned fourth and fifth place, respectively, each with more than 350 ENERGY STAR certified buildings.
  • Kentucky cities dominated the list of Top Small Cities, accounting for six of the 10 top-ranked cities!
  • More than 30,000 diverse buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR since 1999. Together, they have saved more than $4 billion on utility bills and helped achieve broad emission reductions—including greenhouse gas emissions equal to the annual electricity use of nearly 3 million homes.

Help your metro area improve its ranking!

Many cities are separated by only a few buildings. You can actually make a difference by earning the ENERGY STAR for one or more of your buildings this year. And did you know? Every year, we send mayors’ offices a list of all the certified buildings in their region. What better way to earn some additional recognition? 

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