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Numbers from over $700,000 to $200,000,000 are floating around Washington D.C.  The word, “INFRASTRUCTURE” is laced among these numbers. Over 50,000 bridges and numerous roads. The enticement seems to get projects that politicians can point to with pride and quite possibly get their name on. Hard to do that with a water pipeline. I’ve been listening and reading and things seem very quiet when it comes to water.

Isn’t our national water system part of the infrastructure?

I have this nagging fear that they will wait until we have a crisis to act. Can’t we ever get out in front of a problem???

I hate to repeat myself, but here are a couple of facts that you might want to wave under a politicians’ noses if you get the chance.



The deteriorating water pipeline system in the U.S. is currently losing 16 percent each and every day from leaks. That’s about a day’s worth of water every six days, or about 1.25 trillion gallons per year. That’s a lot of precious water to waste. It would help immeasurably if just some of that went to replenishing the Ogallala Aquifer.

To compound the problem, we have 1.2 million miles of lead pipelines in the U.S dedicated to delivering water. The effects of lead on the human body have been well documented. The fuss in Flint, Michigan is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are poisoning much of our citizenry on a regular basis.

Is it necessary to point out that we could replace those lead pipelines AND replace some leaking ones at the same time???

Now that I think about it, waving this under their noses will probably not be enough.  We also need to wrap some pipe around their necks! Now, I do not advocate violence, but how do we get their attention? Have a child die from lead poisoning? Or, have millions of children suffering from brain damage so they can’t learn as well? What will it take?

The Feds are making great plans right NOW for spending our money on INFRASTRUCTURE. Can they spell “WATER”?

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