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Principles of Tanker Ownership, Chartering, Operations, Laytime and Demurrage
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Value-at-Risk: The Basics and Beyond
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Argus Latin America LNG Summit
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Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices
Houston, TX,
Argus Rio Crude Conference
Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel and Resort, Avenida Av. Niemeyer, 121 - Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, 22450-220, Brazil,
5/22/18 - 5/24/18
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INSULTECH Thermal Blanket Insulation Saves Energy!


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Consider a 12-14 month payback period on initial investment. Also consider a 15 year service life with no additional maintenance costs associated with the service life of the product. Shannon Enterprises is proud to offer a custom fit blanket system for steam fitting applications, which otherwise would go uninsulated. Bare valves, flanged fittings, steam traps, condensate pumps, expansion joints, valve bonnets, pressure reducing valves and pressure reducing stations on a steam system are ideal candidates for significant energy savings. A standard 6” 150# gate valve left uninsulated can cost as much as $ 400.00 per year. Shannon / INSULTECH will offer “Free Energy Surveys” on steam systems and will provide a comprehensive review of the system. Shannon / INSULTECH will propose the treatment and covering of those bare surfaces, using INSULTECH Thermal Blanket Insulation. The proposal will include a summary of heatloss calculations, including annual heatloss, operating cost in dollars as well as emissions reductions and boiler load reduction. The proposals are a comprehensive turn-key approach to energy savings. INSULTECH Thermal Blanket Insulation will save energy!

Link to website: http://www.insultech.com/index/ 









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