HOTSTART Offers New UL Recognized Battery Thermal Wrap


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UL Recognized Battery Thermal Wrap

HOTSTART is pleased to announce the latest offering to their complete engine heating product line, the UL Recognized Battery Thermal Wrap. The battery wrap is designed to heat batteries regardless of ambient temperature to maintain optimum cold cranking amps. At 80 °F (27 °C), the battery will achieve maximum cold cranking amps. The improved wrap design is UL Recognized and is ideal for generator sets, heavy duty equipment, trucks and other equipment relying on battery power for their operation.
The overlap design of the wrap maximizes heating by keeping the monitoring thermostat in contact with the battery. Using a thermostat to maintain the battery heat eliminates damage caused by overheating and acid spill. The battery wrap is easy to install and comes with an adjustable strap to secure the wrap to the battery.


The UL Recognized Battery Thermal Wrap is available in a variety of lengths and heat output. Download our handy Battery Thermal Wrap Guide to see which wrap fits your application based on the battery group.

Don't see your battery group listed in our guide? Email HOTSTART Customer Service today to order the battery wrap designed for your equipment heating needs!

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