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Energy Efficiency Case Study on HOTSTART TwinStat Heater Cord


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Avista Utilities white paper highlights energy efficiency of TwinStat™ Heater Cord

Avista Utilities' white paper "Fleet Engine-Block Heater Controls: A Study in Energy Efficiency" highlights the advantages for fleets when using a HOTSTART TwinStat™ thermocord during cold weather. The white paper was published in the 2017 February Strategies eMagazine from the Association of Energy Services Professionals. Written by Levi Westra and Tom Lienhard of Avista Utilities' Energy Conservation Division, the paper details the results of field tests of the TwinStat™ heater cord in fleet operations and the potential energy savings that may be realized from using the cord.

Fleet vehicles located in cold operating conditions typically need to continuously idle or rely on in-block heaters to ensure startability. Idling an entire fleet means high fuel costs and excess emissions. An in-block heater is a better solution, but relies on operators to be consistent and plug in after each shift. Running heaters overnight is a constant electrical draw, increasing costs for a large fleet of vehicles.  

HOTSTART's TwinStat™ heater cord was designed to eliminate the need for fleet operators to "predict the weather" in an attempt to reduce their energy costs. The cord has two integrated thermostats. The ambient thermostat senses the outside temperature and activates the heater only when needed. When the heater is activated, the engine thermostat then senses when the engine coolant is heated to the optimal temperature range and maintains this temperature. By implementing a heater that operates only when necessary, fleets can save on their electricity costs while retaining all the benefits of engine heating.

HOTSTART and Avista partnered to field test the TwinStat™ heater cord with fleets in the Spokane, Washington area. The white paper details the results of those studies including the estimated savings to fleets in moderate climates.      


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