Honeywell and Sparks Dynamics Collaborate on Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Solutions


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Honeywell’s capabilities in data consolidation, cyber and software development combined with Sparks Dynamics’ deep domain knowledge will allow the expansion of a robust IIoT ecosystem that will help customers solve previously unsolvable problems.

“Sparks Dynamics will work with Honeywell to provide compressed air management, systems engineering, energy analysis and assistance with analytics development,” said Mac Mottley, Sparks Dynamics’ chief executive officer. “An important part of this will be working with Honeywell to introduce a joint compressed air solution to the mid- to large-sized industrial plants.”

Honeywell and Sparks Dynamics have a history of collaboration. Honeywell’s automation and controls technologies help automate and harness data at more than 10,000 manufacturing sites around the world. Sparks Dynamics have implemented several compressed air monitoring solutions utilizing Tridium’s1 Niagara Framework’s evolving technology from edge to cloud and JACE controllers.

Ultimately, Honeywell and its collaborators, including Sparks Dynamics, will leverage the IIoT to help customers minimize unplanned shutdowns, maximize output, minimize safety risk and optimize supply chain strategies.

With a larger, consolidated data set, manufacturers can apply higher analytics for more detailed insight, scale the data as needed to meet the varied needs of single-site or enterprise-wide operations, and leverage a wider pool of data experts for monitoring and analysis. 

The goal, Hird said, is a simple-to-use infrastructure that gives customers secure methods to capture and aggregate data, so that it can be leveraged by using analytics and applying a range of domain knowledge from a vast ecosystem of equipment vendors and process licensors.

1 – Tridium is an independent business within Honeywell International.

Sparks Dynamics (www.sparksdynamics.com) provides Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) intelligent solutions to its manufacturing customers that enhance business profitability through smart systems that continuously monitor energy, security, and equipment status. This continuous verification allows for increased efficiencies, reliability and business continuity.  Sparks’ state of the art cloud based Remote Monitoring Analytics System Technology for Efficiency and Reliability (ReMASTER) product provides an intelligent monitoring solution with big data analytics and specially developed artificial intelligence that keeps operating parameters remain within the performance envelope.

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