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North American Natural Gas Physical & Financial Fundamentals
Houston, TX,
4/24/18 - 4/25/18
10th Annual MENA New Energy Summit
Hyatt Regency Dubai, Deira, P.O. Box 5588, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
4/24/18 - 4/25/18
10th Annual MENA New Energy Summit 2018
Hyatt Regency Dubai, Deira, P.O. Box 5588, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
4/24/18 - 4/25/18
LEAP HR: Oil and Gas Conference, Houston 2018
Hotel Derek, 2525 West Loop S, Houston, TX, 77027, United States,
4/24/18 - 4/25/18
MENA New Energy [MENASol], Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Hyatt Regency Dubai, Deira, P.O. Box 5588, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
4/24/18 - 4/25/18
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Bluepoint Energy Offers Cogen Solutions to Lower Operating Cost & Increase Electrical Reliability


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If you own a business in California that consumes $30,000 of electricity and at least $12,500 of natural gas or 60,000 tons of chilling a month we probably can save you money. Bluepoint Energy offers cogeneration solutions that will lower your operating cost, increase your electrical reliability and that require no capital outlay.

The Bluepoint Energy Advantage

Bluepoint Energy (BPE) purchases, owns, installs and operates cogeneration facilities that are designed to optimally meet your energy needs. BPE assumes all responsibility for the equipment selection, permitting, gas contracts, monitoring and operation and maintenance. You only pay for energy produced. You do not have the burden of carrying non-revenue producing assets on your balance sheet.

No Capital Expenditure Required

No capital expenditure is required. When you select BPE you receive a completely hassle free cogeneration system. We are the experts in the energy arena so you can spend your capital and attention running your business without the worries of high cost unreliably energy.

Energy Alternatives

BPE helps businesses gain control of their energy needs through increased power reliability, improved power quality and lower energy costs. We offer flexible alternatives with our on-site cogeneration systems such as: free emergency power, fixed electricity and thermal energy costs for up to 10 years and potentially substantial savings compared with current energy costs. With an on-site cogeneration system you reduce your exposure to rolling blackouts and utility failures because the majority of your energy is generated at your facility. Our on-site cogeneration systems give you greater control over your energy supply while staying connected to the local utility grid.

Lean-One® Combined Heat & Power Module

The Lean-One® Combined Heat & Power Module is based on the proven Deutz natural gas “lean-burn” reciprocating engine. The package is greatly enhanced with Bluepoint Energy® developed proprietary and patented ultra-clean emission technology. The Lean-One® Combined Heat & Power Module provides ultra-clean emissions combined with exceptional engine efficiencies which provide significant cost savings while minimizing environmental impact by reducing harmful pollutants.

The Lean-One® 260 kW CHP Module is a packaged electric and thermal power generation package that has been specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of distributed generation applications, with or without a connection to the utility distribution system.

The main benefits of the Lean-One® 260 kW CHP Module are summarized below: Ultra Low Emissions – Our patented super cooled-exhaust gas recirculation system, SC-EGR dramatically reduces our emissions allowing us to comply with the 2005 California Self Generation Incentive Program. We can help your operations stay green and compliant

Based on a Proven Deutz Platform – Names you can trust in the power generation industry Deutz has over 1.7 €billion in market capitalization with tens of thousands of this engine in service throughout the world. UL 2200 Certification - BluePoint Energy has received final approval for UL listing of its proprietary Lean-One® 260 kW CHP Module for “Engine Generator for Co-Generation”. The UL listing applies to the United States and Canada and reduces the time and expense of interconnection permitting.

Economical – Take energy savings to your bottom line. Combined Heat and Power efficiencies approach 80% resulting in the lowest costs for your energy needs.

Advanced Controls Platform – On-board paralleling and CHP controls are the most advanced available allowing for local, site or Web access to control, event recording, and alarm indication and dispatch to client and/or service provider. Integration of balance of plant controls is simple given the open protocol of the LonWorks™ bus. Interface with balance of plant controls is simple and cost effective.

Come and see us at the West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC)in San Diego, June 28-29, booth # 211.

For more information about EMC 2005, please visit the show website at: http://www.energyevent.com

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