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West Coast Energy Management Congress - EMC

May 14-15, 2008

Washington State Convention & Trade Center

Seattle, WA


Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership Meeting

Energy Policy: Opportunities and Challenges
A program for women professionals and women-owned companies

Thursday, May 15, 2008 / 8:00 am-10:00 am
in conjunction with West Coast EMC

A FREE workshop at EMC 2008 presenting case studies of successful women-owned businesses, as well as discussing the unique barriers and opportunities these firms encounter in the marketplace.


Energy Resource Management Certificate Program

Competing demands for energy use and the need for smaller energy footprints require leaders across a wide range of industries to improve their understanding of the complex issues surrounding energy management. The UC Davis Extension Certificate Program in Energy Resource Management is designed for professionals in engineering, construction planning and design, and facility-plant operations who seek to expand their expertise in this critical area.



Introduction to Energy Resource Management – The first within the Extension Certificate Program begins Mon, April 21. Introduction to Energy Resource Management is a prerequisite course for the remaining five course in the certificate program. 



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  • Greetings from the Governor

I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all of those attending the 26th West Coast Energy Management Congress (WCEMC), sponsored by the Association of Energy Engineers. WCEMC offers business, industrial, and institutional energy users an exciting opportunity to focus on the future of energy in the Pacific Northwest. Attendees will be able to explore new technologies, compare alternative energy options, and learn about energy cost control and supply security. I am confident that you will find this year's program to be informative and well worth the time you have invested. I commend AEE and all of the WCEMC's hosts and cosponsors for making this event possible and for your ongoing commitment to energy efficiency, innovation and environmentally responsible business practices. Thank you for coming and please accept my best wishes for a rewarding and productive meeting.



Christine O. Gregoire



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  • New Energy-Saving Computer Demonstrates Greater Efficiency Than Current Desktop Models

Source: Company

Merging laptop and desktop computer technology and using off the shelf technology, researchers have developed a highly energy efficient computer that consumes 70 percent less energy than ENERGY STAR® labeled computers.

  • Register for the HeatSpring Energy Seminar:“Advanced Commercial Design: Closed Loop, Open Loop and Standing Column Systems for Commercial Buildings

This seminar is an opportunity to collaborate with other thought-leaders within the industry, and dive into the details of commercial design with three leading experts.

Course details and register at:

June 11-13 in Elizabeth , NJ

July 23-24 in Oak Brook , IL

August 13-14 in San Francisco , CA

Questions?  Contact Brian Hayden at or (800) 393-2044 x44

  • FREE Whitepaper on Energy Management & IAQ

Source: Onset

Low-cost data loggers can provide information to save

thousands of dollars in energy costs, while helping  ensure that indoor air quality and comfort are maintained throughout a facility. By monitoring and recording simple variables like temperature, RH, CO2, and light or motor On/Off, data loggers can help detect and document whether “too hot or too cold” comfort complaint conditions are real, whether your facility is threatened by conditions suitable for mold growth, and whether energy savings can be realized through ensuring that lights are off when areas of the building are unoccupied. More sophisticated measurements – such as AC Current, AC Voltage, power demand (kW), energy consumption (kWh), pressure, and differential air pressures – provide valuable information for troubleshooting HVAC/R systems, sub-metering, building commissioning, and Measurement & Verification of energy savings. 

  • First Privately Owned Company in Sacramento Area to Install a 1 megawatt Solar Energy System

Source: Company

Siemens Transportation Systems Inc. (STS), part of the Siemens Mobility Division, approved the installation of a 1 megawatt (MW) solar energy system at its Sacramento light rail manufacturing facility to be completed by mid- to late-October 2008. STS is the first privately owned company in California's capitol to install a photovoltaic system of this magnitude -- twice the size of any privately installed system in the Sacramento Area. The system is expected to generate 29,664,213 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity over the first 20 years and is equal to approximately 150 average-size residential solar panel systems.

  • Western Connecticut State University Receives Energy Project Award for Innovative Retro-Commissioning


EnerNOC, Inc., a leading provider of clean and intelligent energy solutions, and Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) announced that WCSU was granted the prestigious Energy Project Award from the New England chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Through installation of EnerNOC's PowerTrak Analytics(R) (PTA) retro-commissioning system, WCSU was able to significantly reduce its energy usage and costs. This is the first project from Connecticut to receive this award, and it is the first time retro-commissioning and demand response have been recognized with an Energy Project Award.

  •  Lesser Known Energy Sources: A Study of Biogas and Tire-based Fuel

Source: Cogeneration & Distributed Generation Journal

The objective of this article is to investigate two reasonably uncommon energy sources: biogas and scrap tire-based fuel and their potential use in industry. The article will discuss germane background information about the energy sources, such as current and potential uses, operational constraints, advantages, and disadvantages. In addition, this article will explore each fuel source's potential capacity for energy generation and fuel savings.

  • Small-Scale Cogeneration Handbook, 3rd Ed

Source: Bernard F. Kolanowski

 Now fully updated, this comprehensive, best selling reference provides a wealth of information to assist you in evaluation the feasibility and potential benefits of cogeneration for you facility. The third edition includes a new chapter on the advent of the fuel cell in cogeneration plus all the latest cogeneration technologies. Covered in detail are regulatory developments and their impact, system selection and sizing, permitting requirements, operation maintenance, financing, technology basics, micro turbines, absorption chillers, distributed generation, and case histories.

  •   On-Site Electric Generation Supplies Buffalo Area Facility

Source: Company

Oakwood Health Care Center is 200-bed residence providing skilled nursing, subacute care and rehabilitation in Williamsville, New York. Williamsville is 10 miles northeast of Buffalo. The health care center is operated by ElderWood Senior Care. Easily recognized by its unique, three-story atrium, the facility is located adjacent to picturesque Bassett Park. The Oakwood facility has gained recognition for its high quality, personalized senior health care, and more recently for its advanced, self-sufficient electric energy supply system.

  • "Operation Change Out" Spurs Efficient Lighting at Military Bases


The U.S. Department of Defense launched a new Energy Star campaign called "Operation Change Out," which will challenge military bases across the country to install Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in their on-base housing. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman announced the new campaign at Camp Lejeune—a Marine Corps base near Jacksonville, North Carolina—as he screwed in the last of the 17,500 CFLs that have been installed in the camp's military houses.

  • 30% Under Budget, 2 Months Ahead of Schedule: Cleveland Skyscraper Enters New Era of Energy Efficiency

Source: Company

Designed in the 1960s as part of Cleveland’s urban renewal project, the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building retains the broad-shouldered, confident visage typical of the glass-and-steel office buildings of the era. After 35 years, though, the inside of the 32-story building was beginning to show its age. The HVAC system was not only inefficient, but uncomfortable. Tenants complained that the fan coil units, located in offices around the perimeter of the building, were disruptive and provided ineffectual heating and cooling.

Energy Law to Target Incandescent Reflector Lamps

Source: Craig DiLouie,Editor, LightNOW News

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007’s efficiency regulations aimed at 40-100W incandescent light bulbs have become well known since the Act’s passage last November. But another significant provision targets reflector lamps, and it goes into effect later this year.

Source: Hank Van Ormer,

Introduction: Centrifugal compressors, when shut off, need a source of "instrument" quality compressed air volume (scfm) and pressure (psig) in order to restart. If the machine is off but the system is "pressured up" with other compressors on this is not a problem and the "starting air" is available from the main air system supply.

  • AEE Featured Books

 Sustainable development is a concept that incorporates energy, urban management, environmental objectives, policy integration, and the idea that effective solutions can be achieved in a cooperative manner with concerted effort.


Intended for energy managers, electrical engineers, building managers, lighting designers, consultants, and other electrical professionals, this book provides a practical description of major lighting controls types and how to apply them.


This self-study text explains the basics of digital electronics using a combination of fundamental theory, examples and practical applications.



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