Broadly refers to any terminal where an electric connection is established. Most commonly refers to a terminal or connection that draws a certain amount of current from part of a circuit. Tapping a circuit can refer either to running a line or cable from a point in a circuit, or to the drawing of electricity from that circuit. Just as a water tap allows one to draw a certain amount of water from the total supply, an electrical tap serves the same function for drawing electricity from a source of supply.

Taps are used in a variety of ways in all kinds of electrical and electronic applications. They are commonly used to split household circuits to allow multiple devices to use the same electrical outlet. Three- and six-outlet adapters that plug into wall sockets are sometimes referred to as triple-taps and six-taps. Electrical signals in audio circuits are tapped to produce echoes, to allow for mixing with other signals, and to create special effects.

See also:

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